Jennifer Y. Nam, PhD

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 Jennifer Y. Nam, PhD
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Asian american issues

You may be struggling with issues related to depression or anxiety, which are very common issues in every culture, but struggle with seeking treatment. Mental health issues are very treatable, but are often stigmatized within the Asian American community.   

For many Asian Americans, issues such as discrimination, barriers in schooling or in the workplace, and acculturation may contribute to feeling isolated.  

You may struggle on how to make sense of navigating two cultures, and how to find a meaningful, value-driven life that appreciates and incorporates both cultures in your personal and work lives, and with friends and family.  

Some common issues may be: 

  • Self-Identity
  • Acculturation stress
  • Intergenerational and couple conflicts
  • Conflicts with family and/or in-laws (often triggered by life transitions, e.g., marriage, birth of child)
  • Academic stress and career issues
  • Couples issues
  • Domestic violence (often related to social and immigration status of women)

In my work with you, I may explore with you on the feeling of "difference".  Or you may be seeking out an Asian American therapist who is informed about Asian American cultures and issues and understands that therapy and working on life changes and goals happens in context of one's identity and culture.