Jennifer Y. Nam, PhD

                                                           CBT/DBT Therapist in San Francisco                       (650) 323 - 5800 

 Jennifer Y. Nam, PhD
870 Market Street, Ste 377, San Francisco, CA, 94102


Emotional difficulties: 

  • feeling very emotionally sensitive
  • difficulty coping with intense emotions like sadness,       anger, fear, shame, loneliness, and guilt
  • difficulties with depression, anxiety or panic

Relationship difficulties: 

  • communication issues
  • relationships that feel "up and down" 
  • not getting your needs met
  • constantly in fear of losing the relationship or love
  • difficulties with trust

Behavioral difficulties: 

  • impulsive, unsafe behaviors
  • alcohol or substance use
  • difficulties controlling one's anger
  • eating issues 

Relationship Issues

You may notice that there are certain issues the are occurring in a pattern that are impacting the quality of your relationships with your loved one, friends and/or family members. 

What kinds of treatment are available? 

I see the individual to work on issues related to the relationship. This may mean cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), behavior therapy (BT) and/or dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).  The type of therapy may be dependent on the goals. I do not provide couples' therapy, and am more than happy to provide referrals if a couple would like to engage in couple's treatment.   

Some DBT skills that individuals may gain could be: 

  • learning how to change the emotions you want to change
  • learning how to ask for the things you need
  • learning how to set limits and boundaries
  • learning how to maintain your self-respect while still saying "no"
  • learning how to get through difficult moments