Anxiety is the most common illness.  It's perfectly understandable to be nervous the first day on the job, speaking in front of a group of people, going to a party by yourself, or walking by yourself down a dark alley way at night.  Anxiety can then help you to be more attentive and alert. However, anxiety could also make you feel overwhelmed and/or impact your quality of life.  It can impact our physical health, limit our productivity, and hinder our ability to work towards life and work goals.  


Anxiety can impact our lives in various ways.....


You might: 


  • Be fearful in social situations for fear of being judged

  • Worry about everyday life responsibilities and goals, but find it hard to shut off the worrying 

  • Experience intense anxiety with physical sensations 

  • Experience symptoms such as nightmares, or hyper-sensitivity to things that remind you of a past trauma. Read more about trauma treatment, which is one my my specialties. 

  • Persistently experience thoughts that occur out of the blue, and also engage in repetitive behaviors

Not all stress is bad for you.  Healthy stress can motivate you to complete immediate goals in the short-run.  However, long term, chronic stressors can wear you down and impact your body's ability to cope.  


Some common symptoms of stress may present as physical symptoms, mood issues or behavioral actions: 

  • headaches

  • weak immune system

  • muscle tension 

  • fatigue

  • GI issues

  • issues with sleep 

  • irritability

  • sadness/depression 

  • problems with attention/motivation

  • issues with eating too much/too little

  • over using alcohol and/or substances


There are evidence-based treatments for stress management and anxiety disorders such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP), relaxation training, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which have all been proven to be effective in a relatively short amount of time. In our work together, we would collaboratively discuss how to reduce your immediate symptoms while working on life skills and life goals. 

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