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It’s time to grow your life. Take the first step towards true, meaningful change.  

Every day is a challenge when you feel disconnected from your values 

You feel a lack of purpose, motivation, and clarity. You are ready to stop engaging in the same patterns at work and in relationships. You want to address the cycles of mood and anxiety that hold you back. However, you’re uncertain of the best step to take you on a path to true change. Even though you’ve overcome tremendous odds in many aspects of your life and are quite successful, you’re still critical of yourself.  


You are a valuable asset to friends, family, and your work team.  Despite this, you rarely feel worthy of their praise. You keep everyone at a distance, and yet you long for connections where you can be your true self.  You don’t want to be defined by your past.  However, it still impacts you in many ways today.  

At your core, you know you can be so much more. 

You desire a life where

  • You have solid tools to manage symptoms and minimize the impact your mood cycles and anxiety have on work and relationships.  

  • You’re no longer defined by what has happened to you but look forward to what’s ahead of you. 

  • You feel fulfilled as you actively make progress towards your dreams.

  • Your values, choices, and actions are in harmony.

Most importantly, when you encounter obstacles or new challenges, you’ll be certain of how to overcome them with confidence and clarity 

Enough time has passed waiting for the right time to change. You’re ready for deep and authentic relationships. You’re eager to uncover more purpose, clarity, and stability.  You’re confident in the wisdom to make difficult choices, knowing you’re worth a good life.



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JENNIFER Y. NAM, PHD. I am a Stanford University-trained clinical psychologist with specialized training in depression and bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, relationship challenges, issues surrounding grief, and difficulties related to past trauma. I pull from various evidence-based modalities to tailor therapy sessions according to your unique needs and goals.  In addition to strong clinical training, my work is guided by the values of curiosity, authenticity, compassion. We will work together to meet your goals and go beyond them.

As well as developing the tools to manage symptoms, you will learn to build authentic and connected relationships, improve your self-esteem, and embrace your true self.  I’ll support you in mastering these essential skills, so that you can create a life beyond what you believed possible for yourself. 

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